My artwork celebrates the relationships we share with each other and the bonds that hold us together as well as the ones that pull us apart. We are all connected in some way and our paths sometimes intersect directly as we move through this life and the next, and the next. With my glass sculptures, I attempt to depict specific instances of connection along that journey. The groupings of multiple glass heads represent communities, families and the dynamics that happen within collections of individuals. I have always been fascinated by people. Nature is what moves me at a soul level and the mystery of the cosmos is what expands my mind to the depths of my intellect, however our human interaction is what I choose to look at and notice every day. Perhaps this is because I have been living in increasingly more urban environments. Currently, I find myself in Chicago, IL. Chicago--a city of 2.6 million. There are simply more of us every day and I aim to both address the vast impact of our multiplication as well as the specialness of the small, intimate moments we all encounter on a daily basis, whether we recognize them or not.

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